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Creating an edge Microservice using WebAssembly


The objective of this tutorial is demonstrate how to create and deploy a WebAssembly binary that provides behavior that will be realized as a microservice running under mimik's edgeEngine for Linux.

Take the hands-on lesson for this tutorial

All the content presented in this tutorial is available in our hands-on interactive learning environment which you can access here or by clicking on the figure below.

Link to Instruqt

Intended Readers

The intended reader of this document is a developer who has prior experience creating and deploying microservices for devices running mimik's edgeEngine.

What You'll Be Doing

This tutorial is delivered as an interactive Instruqt tutorial.

In the Instruqt tutorial, you will learn how to ...

  • install the tools and libraries that you'll need to build a WebAssembly module under edgeEngine
  • install the edgeEngine runtime and the edgeEngine CLI tool in the interactive learning environment.
  • download the demonstration code for the WebAssembly module
  • build an edgeEngine image from the WebAssembly demonstration code
  • deploy the edgeEngine WASM image into an edgeEngine container that represents the demonstration microservice
  • exercise the demonstration microservice from the command line

Click this URL link to go to the tutorial.

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