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FAQs: edgeEngine Network Configuration

Does edgeEngine require IPv6 or is IPv4 sufficient?

edgeEngine supports IPv4

What protocols does edgeEngine use?

edgeEngine supports HTTP (for RESTful APIs), and WebSocket (for notification).

What ports does edgeEngine need to bind to?

The default port for edgeEngine to serve RESTful API is 8083, and it can be modified by specifying the desired port using the "--api-port" startup parameter.

Furthermore, edgeEngine employs mDNS discovery, with the mDNS discovery port set to 53.

Our benchmark stopped at 9500 because after more than 20 seconds on our machine, there was a timeout in the edgeEngine with a 500 status code. Would it be possible to configure this timeout to other values?

Yes you can but we highly recommend that you don’t. The 20 second timeout has been deliberately designed this way as part of our edge-container quota management policy. This policy prevents a microservice from monopolizing the edge node’s entire CPU time.

Does edgeEngine attempt to reconfigure the networking of the host in any way ? (e.g. iptables, ebtables)

No, edgeEngine does not modify or reconfigure any networking aspects of the host system.

Will it be possible to set TCP_NODELAY in edgeEngine optionally?

Yes, but keep in mind that disabling the TCP delay risks causing network congestion.

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