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mimik Identity Server API Reference

The purpose of the document is to provide reference to the Tenant Identity Service API.

Intended Readers

The intended readers of this document are software developers that will be programming using the Tenant Identity Service API.

What You Need To Know To Use This Reference

This document assumes that you have a basic knowledge of:


In order to get an Access Token that's necessary for working with microservices running under the edgeEngine Runtime, use the undocumented endpoint /token. The endpoint /token is adapted from the OpenID Connect specification.

The following example describes the format for retrieving the an Access Token using the /token endpoint.

curl --request POST \
--url \
--header ‘content-type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded’ \
--header ‘user-agent: vscode-restclient’ \
--data client_id=<CLIENT_ID> \
--data grant_type=id_token_signin \
--data id_token=<DEVELOPER_ID_TOKEN> \
--data ‘scope=openid edge:mcm edge:clusters edge:account:associate’ \
--data ‘edge_id_token=<EDGE_ID_TOKEN>


  • <CLIENT_ID> is the Client ID defined in the given project web page within the mimik Developer Console.
  • <DEVELOPER_ID_TOKEN> is the Developer ID Token generated from within the mimik Account page in the mimik Developer Console.
  • <EDGE_ID_TOKEN> is the edgeIDToken retrieved using the mimik JSON RPC API method getEdgeIdToken.


The following is the interactive documentation for the mimik Identity Server API Reference.

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