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What Does edgeEngine Service Mesh Do?

The edgeEngine Service Mesh is a technology that unifies all edge nodes and microservices running in an edgeEngine cluster.

The edgeEngine Service Mesh provides capabilities for service discovery, cluster organization, and service telemetry.

The edgeEngine Service Mesh has a feature called the Ad Hoc Service Mesh that provides the ability to group nodes into a cluster in 3 ways; The first way is to group nodes according to the network to which they are connected. The second way is to group nodes in a cluster according to proximity. The third way is to group nodes according to the mimik account under which the nodes were created. (See Figure 1 below.)

The edgeEngine Service Mesh
Figure 1: The edgeEngine Service Mesh groups nodes according to 3 types of clusters

You can read the details of the Ad Hoc Service Mesh in the Key Concepts section of this document here.

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