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What Problem Does edgeEngine Solve?

edgeEngine Runtime solves a fundamental problem in edge computing: enabling independent edge computing devices such as cell phones, mobile tablets, or dedicated IoT devices to seamlessly join a network and be part of a cluster in a secure, controllable manner.

Whereas other frameworks, such as Kubernetes or Docker Swarm, rely on a separate control plane to facilitate network and cluster activity, the edgeEngine Runtime does not. Instead, when the edgeEngine Runtime is installed on a device, intelligence within its edgeEngine Runtime software does the work of adding the device to the edgeEngine network and making the device a member of an edgeEngine Service Mesh. (See Figure 1 below)

Introduction: What Problem Does edgeEngine Solve
Figure 1: The edgeEngine Runtime provides an easy way to deploy and run microservices on edge devices without relying on the presence of a control plane.

In short, once edgeEngine is installed on a device, that device is made part of an edgeEngine cluster automatically. No other configuration activity is required.

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