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What Does the edgeEngine Runtime Do?

The edgeEngine Runtime is a distributed computing framework component that enables any network-aware device to become a host for running microservices. The types of network-aware devices that edgeEngine supports are cellphones, tablets, IoT devices, industrial equipment, home appliances, and physical computers or virtual machines running as desktop systems or within a data center, to name a few.

As long as the device has an operating system that the edgeEngine Runtime supports, that device can be transformed into a serverless microservices host used by other devices running the edgeEngine Runtime. For example, imagine a cellphone running edgeEngine that's hosting a microservice that has the ability to perform a special type of arithmetic calculation. (See Figure 1 below.) once that microservice is running on the cellphone, other devices running the edgeEngine Runtime can access that microservice to do the special calculation.

What Does the edgeEngine Runtime Do
Figure 1: edgeEngine allows any network-aware device to host microservices in a serverless manner

These various edgeEngine Runtime enabled devices that are running in a collective, collaborative manner make up the hybrid edge cloud. (See Figure 2, below.)

The Hybrid Edge Cloud
Figure 2: The hybrid edgeCloud is a collection of edge devices running in a collaborative manner

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